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"The times are difficult. They call for courage and faith." Father Thomas Merton, Advent-Christmas Letter 1967

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  • The Loft / Fall 2014

    Ian Morgan Cron

    Ian Morgan Cron - Every Sunday, Sep 14 - Dec 7, 2014 (EXCEPT Oct 12 & Nov 30)
    The Loft: Sunday Evening Contemplative Worship and Conversation with Ian Morgan Cron
    5:30pm-6:45pm, Parish House Loft, FREE

    Traditional church isn’t for everyone. Some enjoy worship that’s varied and spontaneous, offering contemporary music and conversational talks, where the dress code is blue jeans rather than suits and ties, where faith is talked about more as a journey than a destination, and where silence and reflection are deeply valued. If this is you, then mark your calendar and join us for these special nights.

    Ian Morgan Cron is curator of the Courage and Faith program. He is an Episcopal priest, counselor, bestselling author, and speaker. He serves as adjunct clergy at Christ Church.

  • Christian Wiman / 27 & 28 Sep

    Krista Tippett

    Christian Wiman--Sat, Sep 27, 2014
    My Bright Abyss
    6:30pm, Talk, Parish House Loft
    FREE, no RSVP required.

    Christian Wiman--Sun, Sep 28, 2014
    9:15am, Guest Preacher, Worship Service, Church
    10:10am, Talk, Exploration Series, Parish House Loft
    FREE, no RSVP required.

    Poet, translator, and editor Christian Wiman explores themes of spiritual faith and doubt. Christian’s poetry collection Every Riven Thing won the Commonwealth Prize from the English Speaking Union and was named one of the New Yorker’s top 11 poetry books of 2010. His latest collection, My Bright Abyss, was completed in the wake of a bone marrow transplant, and is a moving meditation. Joyful, sorrowful, and beautifully written, it’s for anyone whose experience of life and art seems at times to overbrim its boundaries. “There are a ton of people out there who are what you might call unbelieving believers, people whose consciousness is completely modern and yet who have this strong spiritual hunger in them. I would like to say something helpful to those people,” explains Christian.


  • Kathleen Norris / 25 &26 Oct

    Christian Wiman

    Kathleen Norris--Sat, Oct 25, 2014
    The Contemplative Life
    6:30pm Reception, 7pm Talk, Parish House Loft
    FREE, no RSVP required.

    Kathleen Norris--Sun, Oct 26, 2014
    9:15am, Guest Preacher, Worship Service, Church
    10:10am, Talk, Exploration Series, Parish House Loft
    FREE, no RSVP required.

    Kathleen Norris is the award-winning author of four New York Times bestsellers. Exploring the spiritual life, her work is at once intimate and historical, rich in poetry and meditations, brimming with exasperation and reverence, deeply grounded in both nature and spirit, sometimes funny, and often provocative. As an oblate of the Benedictine monastery Assumption Abbey, she has structured The Cloister Walk, as a diary of her monastic experience interspersed with meditations on saints, Emily Dickinson, celibacy, loneliness, monogamy, and Ephrem of Syria, a hymnist of the early church. In Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith she sheds light on very dicult theological concepts such as grace, repentance, dogma, and faith. She divides her time between South Dakota and Honolulu.

  • Suzanne Stabile/ 15 & 16 Nov

    Philip Yancey

    Suzanne Stabile--Sat, Nov 15, 2014
    The Enneagram: Know Your Number
    9am to 4pm, Parish House Loft
    Workshop & Lunch, *$40

    Suzanne Stabile--Sun, Nov 16, 2014
    10:10am, Talk, Exploration Series, Parish House Loft, FREE
    1pm to 4:30pm, Advanced Enneagram studies, Workshop, *$20

    * Tickets for the Suzanne Stabile events are available online ---> Christ Church website events page.

    BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND, internationally renowned teacher and retreat director Suzanne Stabile returns to offer both introductory and advanced level courses in the Enneagram, an ancient personality typing system that identifies how people relate to one another and why motivation is personality determined. Drawing from her educational background and life skills as a mother of four, social worker, and minister’s spouse, she has mastered a unique and creative approach to spiritual formation. Her refreshing teaching style is an unforgettable blend of humor and authenticity. Suazanne and her husband, Joe, live in Dallas, TX.

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